Message from SpruceCreek POA

Dear Spruce Creek Residents,
Wow, the month of October flew by!  A few updates to pass along:

1.  Lear Bridge –  We hope to have the bridge and road open by next week (the date is not determined yet).  This emergency repair contract was approved in early October with a 3 – 4 week repair timeframe.  The contractor is aware of the urgency to open this road and please be patient and we will let you know when the Lear Bridge Road and North Gate are opened back up soon.  Almost there! 

2.  Board Meetings – REMINDER – The Board meetings are being temporarily moved from the second Monday to the second Thursday for the months of Nov/Dec as follows:
Thur.,  Nov. 10 @ 3 PM
Thur., Dec. 8 @ 3 PM

3. Hurricane Ian (Storm Debris Cleanup) –  REMINDER – Per FEMA and Volusia County, there will be a one-time only pickup only. Please be sure to have your storm debris pushed out by the street (see note below – Storm debris collection requirements).  As per my email blast on Oct. 20th, I was informed by FEMA/Volusia County that due to the amount of storm debris the county has encountered, the new storm debris pickup for “private/gated” communities is now mid-November, if everything goes smoothly.  I will let you know if anything changes or if they provide an exact date(s).  

Storm Debris Collection Requirements Note: 
Residents should bring storm debris to the public right of way, the area that extends from the street to the sidewalk, ditch, utility pole or easement. Residents should not place debris in the road; this obstructs traffic, hinders cleanup and power restoration efforts, and makes it difficult for emergency vehicles to pass. If possible, keep debris away from drainage ditches, inlets, mailboxes and power lines. Do not cover storm drains and never block fire hydrants.

Residents must sort debris into separate piles for vegetative debris (leaves, branches and cut trees), construction and demolition debris (building materials, carpet, furniture, fences, drywall, etc.) and appliances and white goods (refrigerators, dishwashers, washing machines, stoves). If you have a small amount of yard debris, normal collection rules will apply. Volusia County will not pick up storm debris that is not appropriately separated. Electronics and household hazardous waste will not be collected. County residents can dispose of electronics and household hazardous waste at the Tomoka Landfill or the West Volusia Transfer Station free of charge.

4. Secondary Taxiway Paving Project –  As you are aware, the secondary taxiway paving project is underway and is on schedule.  Below is a link to the updated project schedule list, for your reference.  (Please note the dates and taxiways affected – for your planning)

* Revised Secondary Taxiway Mill & Pave Reclamation List (weather permitting)

Phase 1 – Completed
Phase 2 – Will be completed tomorrow (Wed., Nov. 2nd @ 5 pm) and reopened then
Phase 3 – In work and will be completed next week
NOTE: Striping of the taxiways to follow and should not require closing down taxiways for any length of time as it is a very quick process.  More updates as we move along with this project.

•   If your property is next to a taxiway being repaved, PLEASE TURN OFF YOUR IRRIGATION SYSTEM until they have completed that section of the taxiway.  

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.  

Best regards,

Maurice Kearns
General Manager
Spruce Creek Fly-In Community
212-1 Cessna Blvd.
Port Orange, FL 32128-7432

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