Storm Cleanup

From the POA

Dear Spruce Creek Residents,
I just wanted to update you on the FEMA/Volusia County storm debris cleanup effort.  I originally submitted the required FEMA paperwork to Volusia County Public Works a few days after Hurricane Ian and was informed everything was in order and it would be approximately 3 weeks or so before the cleanup would begin. So originally, it would have been this week or next week for the debris removal.  

Unfortunately, I was just informed by FEMA/Volusia County that due to the amount of storm debris the county has encountered, the new storm debris pickup for “private/gated” communities is now mid-November, if everything goes smoothly.   So now we are looking at another month before they begin servicing the private & gated communities.  So it’s a mess out there with the storm debris removal, as you might have noticed as you drive around other parts of the county.  

Please know we want this debris removed ASAP, but we are at the mercy of FEMA and Volusia County’s schedule.     

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.  

Best regards,

Maurice Kearns
General Manager
Spruce Creek Fly-In Community
212-1 Cessna Blvd.
Port Orange, FL 32128-7432

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