Dorian Update

So far we appear to have escaped another Hurricane. Our retention ponds are not yet full and we are only getting bands of heavy rain and wind. When the rain stops we will assess the properties for any damage and let everyone know. Below is a message from Randy Newby

Well, we made it through the night, which was predicted to be a tough one, but really wasn’t. I am certain that we are all thrilled that this storm is almost gone. It is currently due east of us about 90 miles off shore, so we are getting the rain bands and gusty winds, but calm compared to what could have been. This morning I viewed those pictures on TV of the Bahamas and was so thankful that our state was spared from this devastation.  I drove around the Creek this morning and had to look to even find a limb down – just didn’t get any real strong wind in our community. 

The Administrative Office is closed today. Greg Ruckert, our Director of Security and I are on property and will be in and out of the office as we continue to inspect our property to insure it is secure and sustained no damage. On the drive to the office I was the only car on the road. Most area businesses are closed today as are the schools and government offices.

They are forecasting this rain and gusty winds throughout the day, but late afternoon and evening it will be leaving us and life returns to normal. The weather forecast for the balance of the weeks if perfect – warm, (well, OK – HOT) and blue skies! LIFE IS GOOD!

Randy Newby

General Manager


Water Changes During Hurricane

The water is safe to use for most. The only difference is the type of chlorination during the storm and the notice points out some types of users that it might affect.



3151 E. New York Ave., DeLand, Florida 32724

(386) 822-6465 · 1-800-255-2069 · Fax: (386) 822-6466

Temporary Disinfection Change for Spruce Creek Fly-In Water Distribution System

Beginning at 12:00 noon on Monday, September 2, 2019 through the end of the Hurricane Dorian storm event, Volusia County Utilities will be receiving water supplied from the City of Port Orange to serve the Spruce Creek Fly-In water distribution system.

The City of Port Orange uses chloramines as a method of disinfection which is a different method than free chlorine typically used by Volusia County Utilities. With a change in disinfectant, some customers may notice a slight difference in the taste and/or odor of the water.

Water that contains chloramines is safe to use for drinking, cooking, bathing and other everyday household uses. However, as with free chlorine, precautions must be taken to remove or neutralize chloramines during the kidney dialysis process, in the preparation of water for fish tanks and ponds, and for businesses requiring highly processed water.

Kidney Dialysis

In the dialysis process, water comes in direct contact with the bloodstream. Just like chlorine, the presence of chloramines in dialysis water would be harmful and must be removed. Kidney dialysis patients can drink, cook and bathe in the chloraminated water, because the digestive process neutralizes chloramines before it reaches the bloodstream. It is recommended that you contact your physician if you have any questions regarding the use of water containing chloramines and your specific dialysis treatment needs.

Fish and aquatic life

Since fish and other aquatic animals absorb chloramines directly from the water into their bloodstreams through their gills, chloramines, just like chlorine, must be removed or neutralized before being added to aquariums or ponds. Water conditioners specifically designed to remove both chlorine and chloramines are available at stores that sell pet supplies. Chloraminated water is safe for all other pets including dogs, cats, birds, etc.

For more information

For more information concerning the temporary conversion to chloramines, please contact Volusia County Water Resources and Utilities at 386-822-6465.