New phone scam

This is being posted around the internet.  Beware.  Never give out your information unless you called them.  If someone calls and you think it might be legitimate, hang up and call the legitimate number for either the government office or business/bank.  Don’t believe threats, no matter how convincing someone sounds.

“Received a call from Social Security Office lady stated name and ID number she stated that my SS# numberhas been tagged with drug trafficking and I need to verify my social security number to her so she could give me all information attached to my number and if I did not give her my information she was suspending my SS number. I told her that my SS number cannot be suspended I don’t get any lololol she told me to either give it to her or she was hanging up and suspending I said I guess your hanging up! She did! BEWARE advise the elderly. She was very convincing! Here’s the number 1-254-781-0636”

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