Hurricane Update

If you donate to Hurricane Michael relief make sure you thoroughly vet the organization you are giving your money to.  Charity Navigator is a good place to start when checking out non-profits




Update 3:  Michael, now a category 4 will hit the panhandle of Florida early this afternoon.

Update 2:  Michael’s path has moved east again with projected path near Tyndall Airforce Base.  Current position 395 miles south of Panama City.  We also need to keep an eye out on Tropical Depression #15  which is 475 miles SW of the southern most Cabo Verde Islands.


Update:  Michael is expected to be a Category 3 by Wednesday coming ashore near Panama City.

There is another hurricane potential, which is right now Tropical Storm Michael.  Location is 105 mi ESE of Cozumel Mexico and projected to become a Category 2 in the Panhandle by 10/10 and looking to come ashore near Apalachicola mid to late week.   We will keep an eye on it’s progress.

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